See what my satisfied clients are saying about my work:

"Exquisite photography Prasad!" Revathi Satyu, Artistic Director/Founder, Arathi School of Dance

"Hats off for such wonderful pictures. It was fantastic and it will give us a good recap of the entire two day festival. Thank you for keeping our memories alive." Guru Madhusree Sethuraman, Srutilaya Dance  

"These pictures are marvelous, looking forward to working with you!" Guru Kalyani Avula, Abhinaya Kuchipudi

"Beautiful photos!! You have captured them so well especially the emotions.. I know it's not an easy feat. Thank you so much for your time and efforts." Guru Sapna Bhat, Upaasana School of Dance

"The pics are awesome Prasad, You have done a wonderful job in capturing the essence of the dance. The key poses are all in there. That is remarkable." Shanthi

"You made my baby look so gorgeous. Loved the way you captured every expression. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. You have really captured their coordination and expressions very well. We enjoy watching it over and over." Radhika

"Our special thanks to Prasad Golkonda garu for capturing the moments marvelously so that we can have wonderful memories for the years and decades." Jyothi

"In a day when anyone with a camera poses as a photographer without a basic sense of White Balance, Saturation, Depth of Field, Framing - these day we have too many of those in Dallas. Then there is Prasad Golkonda who makes a Memory of every snapshot and captures and freezes Gravity in his subtle images. Color Rendering, near perfect while balance, 18 percent grayscales laced pictures is what were delivered in the form of memories which we will cherish for years to come." Ravi

"Your photography is amazing and I am really feeling happy for having you as our person for the event." - Rama

"Pictures came out really good. These are memories captured so well, we will always cherish these pictures. Wish you continued success with your photography." - Subha

“ … u created great memories for me, my family and all my friends …" - Shiri

“Prasad - spvphotography rocks! It was almost like I was there to see everything. Very well captured moments.” - Vasavi

"Prasad Golkonda garu thank you for passionately taking in-numerous photographs this year in Dallas, freezing wonderful moments & producing masterpieces every time you click!!” - Sirisha

"Too good!" - Anitha

I will be happy to provide additional references.

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